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Guardian Solutions

Guardian Solutions specializes in Condition Based Maintenance (CBM), providing innovative turnkey solutions to business owners and equipment managers looking to protect their equipment assets and maximize profits.

Leveraging decades of hands-on field maintenance experience, Guardian Solutions unique hybrid maintenance solution combines the core elements of Corrective, Preventative and Predictive Maintenance concepts into an advanced CBM solution. The Guardian Solutions’ system incorporates the three essential components; Fluid Analysis, Bypass Filtration and Data Analytics.

Benefits of Condition Based Maintenance:

  • Lowers disruptions to normal operations
  • Reduces the cost of asset failures
  • Improves equipment reliability
  • Minimizes unscheduled downtime due to catastrophic failure
  • Minimizes time spent on maintenance
  • Minimizes overtime costs by scheduling the activities
  • Minimizes requirement for emergency spare parts
  • Optimized maintenance intervals (more optimal than manufacturer recommendations)
  • Improves worker safety
  • Reduces the chances of collateral damage to the system
Condition Based

“Oil does not wear out, break down or otherwise deteriorate to such an extent that it needs to be changed. It becomes contaminated with water, acids, carbon particles and sludge. The engine’s oil filter(s) can only remove solid particles above a certain size. It (they) cannot remove water, acids, carbon particles or sludge all of which pass through the filter(s) just as readily as the oil."
Source – Mobil Oil Technical Bulletin #863

Take control of your Condition Based Maintenance

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Fluid Analysis

Fluid Analysis can dramatically extend fluid drain intervals, maximize equipment life and reduce maintenance costs, resulting in better cost control and increased profits to your bottom line

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Bypass Filtration Systems

Kleenoil Filtration Systems are effective on a wide variety of industrial equipment. The advanced filter technology removes water and fluid contaminants for the ultimate in equipment protection

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Data Analytics

Harness the power of data for informed asset maintenance decisions. Powerful analytics based on actual equipment data allows you to manage your company’s resources and capital expenditures

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