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Bypass Filtration Systems

All Kleenoil Filtration Systems can be installed directly onboard the equipment or as an independent filtration system. The Kleenoil Filtration Systems are designed to be installed on a wide variety of equipment including transportation, industrial and construction equipment, drilling rigs and marine vessels. Kleenoil Filtration Systems keep your oil clean by continuously eliminating particles, dust, water and other contaminates that can damage your equipment.

We offer a wide range of sizes to suit varying capacities of operation and professional installers to assure each system meets the applications unique service needs. Our technicians will always advise on the most suitable system to optimize equipment performance, saving you downtime and money.

All filter housings are made of cast aluminum and built to withstand the most demanding working environments.  Kleenoil Filtration Systems clean engine oil, hydraulic oil, gearbox oil and other oils.